Hi there!

I live in Sydney, and love cycling, photography, music, and travel (not necessarily in those order). This is a website focused on documenting my travel adventures. For my personal blog, where you can see my other interests, please visit christham.net.

For our professional world travel and photography site, please visit Visual Voyager.

I started travelling in the 1980s, in high school, but did not go far because I did not have much money. After I started working in the late 1980s, I mainly travelled only if it was for work reasons. In those days, we were mainly trying to pay off our mortgage, so most of our trips were domestic. We started travelling overseas for fun in the late 1990s after paying off our mortgage, but then in the early 2000s we bought a new house so had to curtail our travel desires. Most of our travel overseas have been in the last 10 years as we have more disposable income.

The COVID19 worldwide pandemic in 2020 forced many people into lockdown, unable to leave their homes. I took the opportunity of load (or scan), edit and catalog all the photos of travels we have taken in the last 30 years. This web site is a celebration of the wonderful trips we have taken across many countries, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them.