Japan 2018

We returned to Japan in 5-15 March 2018, and started from Osaka, then south to Kyushu visiting Nagasaki, ending with a day trip to Himeji.

We returned to Japan in 5-15 March 2018, mainly because Qantas was opening a route to Osaka and was offering a sale. Once again, the trip was organised by Dan Campbell of InsideJapan Tours. This time, we asked Dan to create an itinerary for us starting from Osaka, but then travelling south to Kyushu visiting Nagasaki, then returning back to Osaka with a day trip to Himeji.

The weather on this trip was a lot colder than on our previous trip because we visited slightly earlier before the cherry blossom season, but we still managed to see a few buds and on the last few days the weather warmed up a bit.

0Mon 5 MarSydney to OsakaCross Hotel OsakaQantas QF33 SYD-KIX
Train from Kansai Airport to Osaka (Nanba Nankai)
1Tue 6 MarOsakaCross Hotel OsakaAmerikamura
LEGO Piece of Peace Exhibition
2Wed 7 MarOsakaCross Hotel OsakaNamba Walk
Namba Parks
3Thu 8 MarOsaka to NagasakiRichmond HotelSubway Midosuji Line Namba to Shin Osaka
Shinkansen from Shin Osaka to Hakata
Limited Express from Hakata to Nagasaki
4Fri 9 MarNagasakiRichmond HotelGunkanjima
Dejima Harbour
Nagasaki Peace Park
Atomic Bomb Hypocentre
Peace Museum
5Sat 10 MarNagasakiRichmond HotelGlover Garden
Dutch Slope
Historic Quarter
Spectacles Bridge
6Sun 11 MarNagasaki to Huis Ten BoschHotel Nikko Huis Ten BoschSeaside Express from Nagasaki to Huis Ten Bosch
Nagasaki to Huis Ten Bosch
Teddy Bear Kingdom
Canal Cruise
Glass Museum
Amsterdam Square
Thriller and Attraction Cities
Night Lights
7Mon 12 MarHuis Ten BoschHotel Nikko Huis Ten BoschFlower Road
Harbour Town
Porcelain Museum
Game Museum
Super Trick Art
Afternoon wrap up
Evening Parade  
8Tue 13 MarHuis Ten Bosch to OsakaThe Ritz-Carlton OsakaSeaside Express from Huis Ten Bosch to Nagasaki
Limited Express from Nagasaki to Hakata
Shinkansen from Hakata to Shin-Osaka
JR train from Shin-Osaka to Osaka
9Wed 14 MarHimejiThe Ritz-Carlton OsakaJR train from Osaka to Shin-Osaka
Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Himeji
10Thu 15 MarOsaka to SydneyHomeQantas QF34 from Kansai International Airport to Sydney

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